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Opening Day Update is Now Up! 

Thanks to all for your patience! The league wide opening day update is now up for all teams. Each team's page should now reflect the opening day 25 and 40 man rosters, as well as the disabled list to start the year. Thanks to reader Christian Galvin - who passed along an AP Wire story that contained all of the one-year pre-arbitration deals that were signed - I've also now updated all of those salaries to be correct. Major thanks to Christian for passing along this fantastic information.

In addition, for any player on a 25-man roster who wasn't in the AP Wire story, I've assumed a MLB minimum salary of $300,000. For any player on a 40-man roster without an MLB contract, I've assumed the minor league minimum of $50,000.

This also means that the Payroll Leaderboard is up to date for the start of the 2004 season:

  • Two teams (Yankees and Red Sox) are projected to pay the luxury tax this year.
  • Top 5 in actual 2004 payroll: 1. Yankees ($184m) 2. Red Sox ($131m) 3. Angels ($118m) 4. Three way tie at $93m between the Cubs, Phillies, and Dodgers.
  • Last in 2004 payroll? The Devil Rays, at $27m, eke out the Brewers ($29m).
  • Total paid to MLB players in 2004? $2.1 billion
  • The average team payroll checks in at $70m, but only 11 teams are above that level. The median payroll is $63m.
  • The Yankees payroll is 2.6 times the league average payroll. The Devil Rays payroll is 2.6 times less than the league average payroll.

Cleaning Out the Mailbag 

  • Scott Lucas, who has a great site for Texas Ranger information, passed on a bunch of great information, including the details of Mark Teixeira's contract, and the details of Michael Young's deal.
  • Mike Hunssinger caught a mistake from last year - I had missed the deferred money included in the deal Ivan Rodriguez signed with the Marlins last year - I've adjusted their payroll accordingly.
  • Joe Dimino passed along a great link with all of the details of IRod's signing with the Tigers.
  • Matthew Rhodes, Brian Durack and Greg Padgett all checked in with the the details of Eric Chavez's signing with the A's.
  • And lastly, Mike of East Coast Agony dropped by with the details on the Roger Cedeno trade (from ESPN.com): "St. Louis will pay Cedeno $1 million over the next two years. As part of the trade, $8 million of the money owed Cedeno was converted to a bonus, which will be deferred for two years with no interest and then at 5 percent interest annually. The Mets will pay the Cardinals an additional $1 million". As a result, the Cardinals don't get hit with any money against the luxury tax, and only have to pay Cedeno $1m for two years of service.

Catching Up on Signings and Extensions 

Major Update on the Way 

It's been a very long time between posts here - but I'm in the midst of a major update to all the payroll pages. I've got the opening day 40-man roster cuts, as well as the AP information that reader Christian Galvin (thanks, Christian!) passed along to me on all of the one year deals for 2004. There's also a few signings/trades (Ricky Guiterrez, Steve Traschel, Roger Cedeno, Mariano Rivera, Ugeth Urbina) that I am behind on. You can expect all 30 teams to be updated by this weekend - thanks as always for your patience!

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