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Diving back into the mailbag...
  • John VonBokel checked in with a link to the detailed breakdown of Albert Pujols' new deal - the Cardinals page has been updated with the new information.
  • Michael Laureano advised me of a more accurate account of Gabe White's new contract with the Yankees - thanks Michael! I've also been going back and forth with Michael searching for the details of the deferred money in Gary Sheffield's contract - if anyone has seen anything specific, please email me.
  • Seth of Seth Speaks got back to me with better details on Shannon Stewart's deal signed a while back with the Twins - thanks Seth!
  • DaddyRainmain dropped me a note with the particulars of Kirk Rueter's deal with the Giants.
  • Jeff Euston sent me some great details on both the Royals and Cardinals payrolls - special thanks for the finer points of Edgar Renteria and Jason Isringhausen's deals - they had been hard to come by.
  • Thanks to Helen Simmins-McMillin, Thomas Gorman and Christian Ruzich (of the fabulous Cub Reporter and Transaction Guy blogs) who all checked in with the structure of Greg Maddux's option year with the Cubs.

Detailed Payroll Analysis 

I finally got a chance to take a closer look at some of the detailed payroll analyses that were sent my way...here's a rundown of the great information that I've added to the site:
  • John VonBokel pointed me towards this absolutely fantastic payroll thread on birdsonthebat.com. The majority of the detailed information on the thread came from a poster named John Bristor - many thanks to John for his wonderful research. Thanks to his work, I've been able to update the Cardinals payroll with more accurate information on a number of contracts, most notably Jim Edmonds, Scott Rolen, and Woody Williams.
  • Eitan Altman sent along his extremly detailed analysis of the Padres payroll - he pointed out a few inaccuracies that I had, and sent me the specifics of a few other deals - all of the information has been updated on their payroll page. Thanks for the great work, Eitan!
  • Ron Doub passed along a link to Orioles Hangout, where I was able to find some additional information on Orioles contracts - most notably the details of Javy Lopez's deal.

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