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Updates Coming 

Updates are on the way - I've got some catching up to do with the deals that were signed this week, and a ton of great mail to get to. I'll have payroll updates and a second mailbag column up by the end of the weekend!

Mailbag, First Edition 

Welcome to the first edition of mailbag, DugoutDollars style. Lots of solid questions and detailed salary information, so let's dig in:
  • Gary Wheelock sent me his extremely detailed spreadsheet for tracking the Mariners payroll - we differed on a few numbers that I'm waiting to see his sources on - but I've already updated my sheets with the breakdowns he had for Scott Speizio and Eddie Guardado's contracts. Plus, he had some information on incentives in Aurilia and Ichiro's deals that I've added to the notes section of the payroll, as well as a minor-league deal for Pat Bordrers that I had missed.
  • A note on minor-leauge deals - I've been including them on the payroll pages where a contract has been signed contingent on making the MLB roster (e.g., Borders is due $500k if he makes the squad). You'll see a note in those entries along the lines of "2004 salary if on MLB roster". I'll be removing those salaries for players that don't make the rosters as spring training comes to a close.
  • Gary also had a question about why I include all players on the 40-man roster in my calculations - I've added a response to the FAQ.

  • Mike Miller checked in with a DOB for Frank Menechino of the Oakland Athletics.

  • WoodyWoodward182 helped me out with some of the finer points of the Kansas City payroll; I've added details on Joe Randa, Benito Santiago, and Scott Sullivan.

  • Thanks to Andy Boynton for pointing out that I'd inadvertently left Kevin Millwood off of the Philadelphia payroll.

  • Kent Williams of Batter's Box wrote to let me know about a few Blue Jays contracts that I'd missed out on - Frank Catalanatto, Dave Berg, and Greg Myers all have one year deals.

  • Speaking of the Blue Jays, Young sent me a couple of sportsnet.ca articles that had the particulars of Kerry Ligtenberg and Miguel Batista's contracts.

  • Jay Jaffe of the fabulous Futility Infielder site (a must read here at DugoutDollars) provided some New York Yankees updates, including specifics on Paul Quantrill's contract.

  • JBH sent me some information I've been looking all over for on the very complex terms of Keith Foulke's deal with the Red Sox, along with details of Kim's deal. He also reminded me that Schilling, as noted on SOSH, had reached an agreement to no longer defer the $6m on this year's deal. Thanks JBH! Incidentially, it's important to note that paying out Schilling this year has no impact from a luxury tax point of view - the money is always allocated against the threshold in the season for which the player provides services to the club, regardless of when the actual payment occurs.

  • I've got a few more mailbag entries, as well as some recent signings to catch up on, but they'll have to wait for another day or two, as I'm out of time now. Thanks again to everyone who's contributed!


Thanks to links from the boys at U.S.S. Mariner, Will Carroll, and Avkash Patel over at Raindrops, the traffic on this site has spiked considerably - thanks to all for the links, and for the very generous compliments.

The extra attention has generated some fantastic emails with lots of good new salary information and questions - I promise I'll be addressing all of the email soon in a mailbox + payroll updates blog entry.

I've also gotten lots of comments, again, on the site not functioning well (if at all), using Mozilla, Safari, Opera, etc. I know this is an issue, and it's on the "to-do" list to fix, but right now leveraging Excel's automatic conversion to HTML (which is, obviously, tailored to IE) is the quickest way for me to get updates out. Once payroll activity slows, I hope to turn my attention to reformatting all of the data in a more browser-independent format. Thanks for your patience!

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