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Catching Up 

Catching up on a few of the signings that I've missed over the past week or so.....first up, the Yankees brought back an old friend, inking Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez to a one year deal. Next up, the Diamondbacks locked up Brandon Webb for 3 years, while the Brewers were also busy, signing Keith Ginter to a 3 year deal and Geoff Jenkins to a 3 year extension. In addition, the White Sox came to terms with reliever Damaso Marte on a 3 year deal. Lastly, the Twins signed Joe Nathan to an incentive laden 2 year deal. They also announced the signings of the rest of their 40-man roster (as many teams have been working towards over the past week or so). I'm trying to gather as much information as possible on these signings, but by the end of Spring Training I'll assume minimum salaries ($300k for major leagues, $50k for minors) for any players I haven't located details on. As always, if you've got any particulars, email them along.


Eric Chavez signed a long term extension with the Oakland Athletics - $66 million for six years, and a club option for a seventh. I haven't been able to dig up the particulars of the contract, so if anyone has seen the scoop, please drop me a line.


Hi all....sorry for the long time between posts - but a slow time for payroll news has conicided with a very busy time for me otherwise, so I haven't had a chance to make updates in a bit. I am behind on a few signings (Geoff Jenkins, Damaso Marte, Keith Ginter, Joe Nathan, Orlando Hernandez, and Brandon Webb)and some email - but I hope to get caught up this weekend. Thanks to all for your patience!

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